Benjamin Walker Ellison Death Certificate

Benjamin Walker Ellison died in the Grand Traverse State Hospital (also known as Northern Michigan Insane Asylum) in Grand Traverse County, Michigan  on 23 FEB 1913.

His wife, Mary, wrote in a letter to the Honorable Commissioner of Pensions for Union Soldiers on 24 Jan 1911:

“…I have been advised to send him to an Asylum but that seems cruel to do, as we have passed the meridian of life together so far, it is a hard struggle for me to think of turning him over to strangers…”

Benjamin had suffered from the after effects of having malaria and being treated for it during his service in the Civil War all of his life. Mary was asking for a larger pension to  be able to afford to hire someone to help care for him in their home. The request was denied.

Mary Ellison died just four days after her husband died.


Source:, Michigan Death Records, 1897-1920, State of Michigan.


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