Private Benjamin W Ellison, 16th Michigan Infantry, Company G

21 Jun

Private Benjamin W. Ellison was drafted into service for the Union on 08 MAR 1865 and discharged on 8 JUL 1865. The photo below is of BWE’s regimental flag. Benjamin W. Ellison was the father of William A. Ellison. I copied all below from >>

The Sixteenth Michigan Infantry was mustered into service in Detroit in September 1861. The history of this regimental color is unknown. This flag may be a special flag commissioned at the end of the war, perhaps for the Grand Review in Washington, D.C., at the war’s end.
Sponsor a Michigan Civil War battle flag and preserve it online at for a lifetime.  A $250 sponsorship of a flag comes with permanent donor recognition on the specific flag webpage. Each donor will also receive a 24×36 archival color print of their flag and have ownership in providing continuing online access of the Civil War battle flags to the public.  Funds will also support additional projects regarding Michigan’s role in the Civil War.
Visitors to the State Capitol fondly remember its rotunda ringed with battle flags. The flags now show the ravages not only of battle, but also of storage under less than ideal conditions. Now, new storage at the Michigan Historical Museum permits the flags of this 230-flag collection (160 from the Civil War) to lay flat, supported by archival fabric, in a room where the temperature and humidity are controlled. (The Capitol now features reproductions of the original flags in its rotunda cases.)
The Michigan Capitol Committee, the Save the Flags program and the Michigan Historical Museum to save the delicate flags. Conservation work, made possible through funds raised by Save the Flags, will help preserve the actual physical flags throughout the coming years.

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