Millen Ralston’s Jackson County Land

My cousin, Al Ralston, was always sending me wonderful items and news on my Ralston Family in Iowa. Al is the son of Harold Ralston, my grandfather Ivan’s brother.

Below is a photo Al took in 1998 of the North Fork of the Maquoketa River, where the Ralston Grist Mill sat.

North Fork of the Maquoketa River


Al's note on the back of the photo


The photo below is Al’s best approximation of Millen Ralston’s farmland in Jackson County, Iowa. Millen moved to Jackson County, Iowa right after the 1850 US Census, from Butler County, Pennsylvania. He died there 4 APR 1896 and is buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery.


Thank you, Al.

4 thoughts on “Millen Ralston’s Jackson County Land

  1. Hi. My grandfather’s name is John Harold Ralston. I know his family is from Iowa. I remember he mentioned a farm in his childhood stories, but maybe everyone has a farm there? (Not sure of the town or county) John joined the navy and was stationed and retired in Honolulu Hawaii.

    John passed away 1989. His birthday is Nov 12 but unsure of his birth year.
    I think this would be great if any of this info leads to family members and completing family trees.
    Today I am 41 years old and am very much interested in your blog.

    Thank you for your time

    1. Hi Moana-
      I did a little search of your grandfather on Someone has a family tree with him but with a father named Peter Bernard Graves and a mother named Pearl Lucile John. He can also be found on the Social Security death index with the parents Donald R. Ralston and Pearl L. John. John Harold was born 29 JUL 1933 in Grundy Center, Iowa and died Nov 12, 1989
      Looks like you have a mystery on your hands. In 1940 he was living with his mother listed as Lucile Graves (no father present) in Grundy County, Iowa along with his sisters Betty Jane, Phyllis Darlene, brother Gerald Ramsey (all with last name Graves) and another younger brother James See Dodd.
      If I were you I’d do a search on (free) and see what comes up on your grandfather. Try using both Ralston as a surname and Graves.
      Good luck!

      1. Thank you Jennifer so much for your time. Yes that is my grandfather and his family that you mentioned. I recently found out that Mr. Graves was John’s stepfather. So with that info and your info it might help me better understand a little more. Again…I am very grateful for your time, help and the resources you have provided.


        Ps. You are right about his DOB. The date I mentioned was incorrect.

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