George Fry Family Kent England

Here is what I just popped into the mail to my Nana on her family, the Fry Family of Kent, England. Albert Alexander and Eliza Ann Fry were Nana’s Maternal Grandparents. I also have a scanned image of the original of Nana’s parent’s marriage record if any of you would like this, just let me know. I will not post it to protect Nana’s privacy.

The photographs came through my Aunt Jackie, so thanks to her for those.

The Census of England information came from scanned images of the censuses on


George Fry Family

ROAD       Manor Lane

NAME        Relation   Status  AGE     Occupation            Where Born

George Fry    Head   Marr.    42   Nurseryman & Florist   Kent Capel

Elizabeth        Wife      “         42             Wife               Sussex Battle

Robert G. D.     Son    Unm.    11            Scholar           Kent Lee

Walter S.         Son       “          9              Scholar           Kent Lee

Vass N. Fry       Son                4                Scholar          Kent Lee

Albert A.           Son             3 months                            Kent Lee


George Fry Family

ROAD    7 Manor Lane

NAME        Relation   Status  AGE     Occupation            Where Born

George Fry   Head   Marr.   52   Nurseryman & Florist  Kent Capel

Elizabeth        Wife              52                                     Sussex Battle

Robert Geo. D.   Son            21     Grocers Assistant     Kent Lee

Walter S.            Son            19      Builders Apprentice    Kent Lee

Arthur W.           Son            16     Nurseryman’s Son      Kent Lee

Vass Neville     Son             14            “     “      “           Kent Lee

Albert Alexander  Son         10         Scholar                  Kent Lee


George Fry Family

ROAD    Hither Green   Cemetery Lodge

NAME        Relation   Status  AGE     Occupation            Where Born

 George Fry  Head   Mar      62    Superintendent of            Kent Capel


Elizabeth      Wife              62                                  Sussex Battle

Vass N.          Son              24              Butcher             Kent Lee

Albert A.        Son              20      Assistant Superintendent  Kent Lee


George Fry Family

ROAD      Cemetery Lodge   Hither Green

NAME        Relation   Status  AGE     Occupation            Where Born

George Fry  Head  Widower  72   Superintendent       Kent Capel

                                                                           Lee Cemetery

Albert A. Fry     Son      M           30     Lee Assistant      Kent Lee

Eliza A.         Daughter-in-law      23                    Norfolk Thornham

Edith D.          Grandaughter         3                       Kent Lewisham

Robert S.        Grandson                1                      Norfolk Thornham

Charlevoix County Index to Deeds, 1881 – 1901

I searched the Index to Deeds, 1881 – 1901 for the following families: Ellison, Van Buren, and Robinson. Remember that Enoch Robinson was Benjamin Walker Ellison’s brother-in-law, married to BWE’s half- sister Annie Hudson. BWE’s middle son William Arthur married Anna Van Buren, her father was George Van Buren.

There was a serious fire at the county courthouse when in Boyne City on 8 OCT 1887 and many deed/mortgage books were destroyed. There are no records to replace what is burned, but we may want to check FHL’s microfilm # 965402 Abstract of deeds by township, Charlevoix County, 1861 – 1974. I know that sometimes after courthouses burned, individuals would record the land they owned in case of future disputes. This may be in the abstracts. The original deeds are gone though.

The following Deed Books were destroyed: Volumes 1 through 7, Volumes 9, 11, 12, 15 and 17.

Mortgage Books destroyed: Volumes 1 through 7, Volumes 9 – 15 and Volume 18.

Remember that Tax Assessment Rolls can replace some of this information, as in a Land Description and amount of acreage. The Tax Rolls will also tell you when someone with property, including personal property, began being taxed in a particular location. Know the tax rules to assess when you have found someone dropped off the tax rolls; it was not always due to death.

There is only one mention of Ellison in the Index to Deeds. We can, though, substitute BWE’s Land Patent from the Federal government for this missing deed. I do suspect the Ellison’s also owned property in Boyne City – the BW Ellison & Company Brewery.

A Grantor is the person who sold the property. A Grantee is the person who bought the property. A Mortgagor is the person who loaned the money and the mortgagee borrowed the money.

With this information, we can now order the correct film of the original book of deeds through the Family History Center. If any of you do this, please would you share a copy with me and I will post it for everyone? I will not be looking these deeds up anytime soon.

Index to Deeds 1881 – 1901 Charlevoix County, Michigan FHL US/CAN Film 965396

Date               Grantor                                Grantee               Sec/Twp/Range     Vol/Pg #

FEB 1882       Robinson, Enoch K & wife    Joseph R. Buster    6  32  5         8     256

FEB 1885         Van Buren, George              H. Nalford             16  32  5              13    22

MAR 1886      Van Buren, George & wife       S.S. Robert         16  32  5            14   416

NOV 1899       Robinson, Enoch K & wife       Herman Suler     6  32  5             40   35

MAY 1900      Robinson, Enoch K & wife   Paul J. Sischnewski   6  32  5    40  295

MAY 1900      Robinson, Eliza A.      Paul J. Sischnewski             6  32  5       40  295

Date              Grantee                              Grantor               Sec/Twp/Range       Vol/Pg #

NOV 1888     Robinson, Enoch K.       United States           6      32      5            23   79

NOV 1888     Robinson, Enoch K.        State of Michigan    6      32      5         21    428

APR 1891      Robinson, Annie H.         Samuel Horton       6      33       6         31    178

JUL 1899       Van Buren, Oren         Lucretia H. Powers      Lots 7 & 8          38   416

Of the Village of Boyne Falls

OCT 1900       Ellison, Mony A. (Mary)    ______ Night        12    32    5      40    519

Date               Mortgagor                    Mortgagee                Sec/Twp/Range    Vol/Pg #

JUN 1883     Robinson, Enoch K & wife   Eliza A. Robinson   6   32  5           8   152

Date               Mortgagee                 Description                                           Vol/Pg #

AUG 1886        Van Buren, George & Wife            Discharge of Mortgage     17   24

Notes: The second section of the Index with Surnames beginning with V was missing entirely.

The Charlevoix County Index to Deeds, 1881- 1901 is available on microfilm from the Family History Centers. It is microfilm number 965396.

Ralston Family in 1905 Jackson Sentinel Article

My friend Marion Pliner sent me a photocopy of an article from the Jackson Sentinel of 26 MAY 1905 page 07, titled “Memories of the Past Fifty Years” by M. Kiester. In it, Kiester talks about the Ralston family. Since I cannot produce a good reading quality scan, I have transcribed the Ralston portion below:

Then John Ralston, with a large family lived on his farm joining the Shirleys on the north, now belonging to the James Boyd farm. Mr. Ralston died many years ago, leaving a wife and eight children, three boys and five girls. Susan the oldest, was married to John Shirley. Mellen was married to Eliza Sinkey, daughter of Matthew Sinkey who lived on a farm near Emeline. Nelson married the old lady Ead’s daughter, grandaughter of the old Mr. Jacobs, of whom I have written. He was a soldier in the rebellion and died soon after returning home. Alexander is on a farm about three miles south of this place, with quite a family of children being married to a daughter of Wm. Potter, an old resident of Brandon township. Mary was married to John Shroyer, son of old John Shroyer who then lived on a farm one mile west of Ozark and now owned by Patrick O’Connell. Alvira was married to A. E. Sutton and then lived on a farm two and one-half miles west of Canton and at her death Mr. Sutton was in possession of a large tract of land in that neighborhood and sold it to Mr. Williams a few years ago and moved to this place, where he lived a few years, then bought a farm on the North Fork of the Maquoketa river, about four miles above Ozark, near where the old mill stood where I sawed so much lumber, and on that farm is where he now lives. The old lady still lives (Nancy Ralston) but she is quite old. She makes her home with her grand daughter, Fred Morris’ wife.

Elam Ralston, a brother of John’s was also among the old settlers and lived on a farm a half mile south of Ozark. The old folks have been dead a number of years ago, leaving a boy boy and girl in this neighborhood, Mrs. Curtis living with her husband on a farm one mile south of Ozark, Uriah, now running a billiard hall in Canton, has been married twice and has several children two of whom are making their home with Mrs. Curtis.

David Ralston, too, was among the early settlers of this vicinity, though a resident of Butler township and bu the way, cast the only republican ballot in the township in a great many years, and I think the next was cast by David Burk, who then lived on a farm about six miles north of Ozark called the “pine tree farm”.

Here Mr. Keister goes on to talk about other members of the community then states that he will finish Mr. Ralston in the next chapter.

What can we derive from this article to help us in our family history search? A LOT!

We can now search for land deeds with approximate locations and also dates of sale in some instances.

We can search for Nancy Ralston on the 1900 Census and sure enough, she is there with her grand daughter and listed as being Agnes Morris. I will post this another time.

We have some married names for daughters now.

We know to check to see if Nelson Ralston really was a soldier in the Civil War.

We have some approximate dates of both when people were still alive and also when they died.

We know that David Ralston recently voted Republican but no one else had for a “great many years”, telling us that the Ralston’s were Democrats in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

We know that this story is continued in another article in the Jackson Sentinel and perusing this paper should provide us with the “next chapter”.

James & Elizabeth Baines 1901 England Census

James & Elizabeth Baines were the parents of Alice Baines who married Harold D. Ellison. James & Elizabeth along with Alice came to America in 1911. Alice was 13 years old when they immigrated.

1901 England Census

As you can see, James was 26, Elizabeth 27 and Alice, 3. James was a Carpenter and all three were born in Lanes, Preston, Lancashire, England.

This census came from


Enoch Chester Ellison News Article July 1931

ELLISON Enoch C 9 July 1931 OE article pg1 closeup

ELLISON Enoch C 9 July 1931 article pg5 closeup

Click on the links above to read an interesting article about Enoch C. Ellison protesting the loss of his job and three of his sons being jailed due to their violent protest. See “Father of Eleven Loses Job, 3 Lads Square Things, Jailed” Headline. Enoch Chester Ellison was Benjamin Walker and Mary Alice Ellison’s youngest son.

Ancestral Places in England for Descendants of Harold D and Alice Baines Ellison

I put this together recently and thought others may get some use out of it, especially if traveling to England.

Ancestral Places:

Ellison – Other surnames in Ellison family: Cooper, Ambler

From St Wilfrid’s Church website: St Wilfrid’s Church is located at the northern end of the village, alongside the B6160. Parking is normally available on the roadside, except during the high tourist season, when there will usually be space in one of the car parks in the village. The church is open every day during daylight hours.

From Wikipedia “Burnsall is a village and civil parish in the Craven district of North Yorkshire, England. It is situated on the River Wharfe in Wharfedale, with a five-arched bridge over which the Dalesway passes, and is in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. It is 2 miles (3.2 km) southeast of Hebden, along a river path dated to Viking times.”

~Monumental inscriptions inside church North Aisle of Mary Maria and Benjamin Ellison, parents of Walker Ellison, died 25 MAR 1829 and 20 MAR 1832.

From Wikipedia “Otley is a market town and civil parish in the metropolitan borough of the City of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, by the River Wharfe.”

~ Walker Ellison and Margaret Cooper married here 11 NOV 1838

  • Baildon – this is the village the Ellison’s, Ambler’s and Cooper’s lived in for what I think are several generations. The Ambler’s were a prominent, wealthy family and the Ellison’s owned a woolen mill in 19th century.

From Wikipedia “Baildon is a civil parish and village north of Bradford in Northern England. It is part of the Bradford Metropolitan District in the metropolitan county of West Yorkshire and within the historic boundaries of the West Riding of Yorkshire. It lies 5 miles (8 km) north of Bradford and 9.5 miles (15 km) northwest of Leeds city centre.”


~ Benjamin Walker Ellison baptized here in 1841 (b. 20 JUN 1841), son of Walker & Margaret

~ Benjamin Ellison and Mary Maria Ambler married here 13 AUG 1810

~ Francis Cooper and Sarah Booth married here 13 OCT 1815, Margaret Cooper’s parents, Margaret is Benjamin Walker Ellison’s mother.

Baines – Other surnames in Baines family: Livesey, Prince. Alice Baines Ellison was born in Preston, Lancashire.

Address of Alice Baines childhood home:

  • 7 Dallas Street, Ward of Moor Brook, Preston, Lancashire 1901

Addresses of Henry and Margaret Baines, parents of James Baines:

  • Dover Street, City of Preston, Lancashire 1841
  • 13 Beverly House, Ashton, Lancashire  1871
  • 4 Elmsley Street, Ward of Moor Brook, Preston, Lancashire 1901
  • Haighton Old Hall, Haighton Green Lane,  Haighton near Preston, Lancashire is where Henry Baines died 25 APR 1918

Livesey Family:

~ Reuben Livesey and Alice Prince were married here 12 NOV 1873, parents of Elizabeth Ellen Livesey who married James Baines.

~ Reuben and Alice Livesey and Reuben’s father Richard are buried here. Probably also, Reuben’s wife, Jane. Reuben died 5 FEB 1934, Alice 24 JUL 1941, Richard 14 DEC 1907.

Prince Family:

Address of John Prince, father of Alice Prince married Reuben Livesey:

  • 43 Bedford Street, City of Preston, Preston, Lancashire 1861

Address of Alice Prince, at age 16, living alone after her mother had died:

  • 13 Heysham Street, City of Preston, Preston, Lancashire 1871