Woodland Cemetery Cleveland Looking for Photographs

Woodland Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio where William and Margaret Hudson are buried, along with two of Benjamin Walker Ellison’s children, is looking for photographs of people interred there for inclusion in an “Images of… Woodland Cemetery” book, published by Arcadia Publishing.

William Hudson was Benjamin Walker Ellison’s step-father and Margaret Hudson his mother. Margaret’s birth family name was Cooper and she was from Baildon, Yorkshire, England as was William Hudson.

I do not have any photographs of William or Margaret.

Below is the information from Woodland Cemetery Foundation on how you can contribute a photograph of your ancestor (s) buried there. Just click on the link.

The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2011.

WC Arcadia Photo Contribution


3 thoughts on “Woodland Cemetery Cleveland Looking for Photographs

  1. I don’t have any pictures of any of them but I passed on the information to a friend who also has relatives buried there and she will send them a picture of her relative. She was down there over this week to photograph tombstones but was unable to find either hers or ours.


    1. William and Margaret Hudson and Benjamin Walker Ellison’s children do not have grave markers of any kind, designating their graves. Michelle Day, head of the Woodland Cemetery Foundation, was kind enough to check for me this summer.

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