Michigan Insane Asylum Records Article

I have posted below my Michigan Insane Asylum Records article as published in the Acorns to Oaks, Vol. 32, No. 4 of the Michigan Oakland County Genealogical Society Quarterly. The article goes into detail as to how to secure records.

AsylumRecordsArticleP.1 AsylumRecordsArticleP.2 AsylumRecordsArticleP.3

7 thoughts on “Michigan Insane Asylum Records Article

  1. This article is extremely well written with the inclusion of important data and directions. it is obvious the writer was also frustrated by the delaying process of the state of Michigan. It seems that the state does not want the interested relatives to have the records. The question is why? Missing records, cost of search or other impediments. The state can also cite lack of funds and faulure of legislative interest in changing the law like in other states where records are public domain after a reasonab le period of time. Good luck to all seekers of this asylum information. Judith Ellison

  2. I am looking for my Aunts records and possibly another sibling of hers. Lois was there due to TB. Her family lived in Felch Michigan. Her parents were Emil M Mattson and mother Ida S Mattson. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Carolyn Alquist

    1. Hi Carolyn- So, my first suggestion would be to get your Aunts’ death certificates. Some of these are free online in digitized form- through Familysearch.org and seekingmichigan.org. This will give you cause of death and where they died (what county). I would also check the censuses (available through 1940) also free on familysearch.org (but not all the images are available) and know what county your aunts lived in when they were committed or sent to the asylum. Then you can find the probate records for the committal. This may have a good deal of information. If you have the county where the asylum was located, you can also google search for the county’s local genealogy website or historical website and you may find digitized records about the asylum there. One county I saw had actual lists of inmates with personal information. To request the records on the asylum you can follow the directions in my article, but you should have as much information as possible first- dates, full names, death date, etc. Good Luck!!

  3. I’m trying to figure out how to get my great grandmother’s records from Newberry. Her name is Minnie Salmanson, she married Peter Vannie before going there. She was there sometime in the 1900’s and ended up dying at the Newberry State Hospital in 1927. I do have her death certificate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Looking to retrieve records on a patient Abraham Kulow. He would be my ggg grandfather. He was a patient on newberry from 1920 to death in 1933. Would probate courts have information as to why he was a patient? I don’t know which way to begin searching

    1. Yes, the probate records have the commitment hearing. They are great sources of information. You need to know the county he lived in when committed in 1920. Check census records, if you don’t know already.

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