The Will of William Elrod of Elizabeth, Allegheny Co, PA

Below is the will dated 29 JUL 1831 for William Elrod of Elizabeth Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. It is located on

William Elrod died 13 SEP 1831 in Elizabeth Township. 

The following heirs are mentioned in the will: son Joseph, daughter Mary Mitchel, son Thomas, son William, son Muse, son Johnson, son Robert and daughter Martha Elrod. His wife Mary is also mentioned. To Joseph he left 200 acres that lay partly in Butler County and partly in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. He also left him his rifle gun and powder horn, his volume of Ferguson’s astronomy and all of the correspondence in his desk. To his wife he left his Bible with all of his family’s records inside and then this was to go to Joseph upon her death.

Why am I now researching the Elrod family? I have a pretty good feeling that Joseph was the father of my 3rd great grandmother Nancy Ralston. Somewhere in a family record Joseph is listed as having two children: Nancy born 1814 and John F. born 1818. My Nancy was born in 1814. Also, Joseph lived in Slipperyrock, Butler County, PA as of the 1840 Census. He lived there alone. He then moved in with Nancy Ralston and her family as of the 1850 Census.

Why would Nancy’s family think her name was Nancy Agnes McLane? That is what I have to work out. I also need more evidence that Joseph Elrod was Nancy’s father. Supposedly Joseph didn’t leave an estate when he passed, but he owned a lot of land. There are records somewhere and I don’t think it is coincidental that after he passed, Nancy and her family had the money to move to Iowa. What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “The Will of William Elrod of Elizabeth, Allegheny Co, PA

  1. I have read information ‘somewhere’ that the McLane/McLain/Mechling’s were Nancy’s adopted parents. Have you ever heard this theory? This is the first I’ve heard of the Elrod connection! But then, it gives me another clue to work on! Thanks for the info!

  2. I believe you are correct about about Joseph Elrod being Nancy’s father. I took the AncestryDNA test and am finding cousins related through Johan Dider Elroot (Elrod) b. 1684. He would be Nancy’s Great Great Grandfather. Do you have an idea who her mother may have been?

    1. I don’t know her mother might be at this point.
      Something to think about is that my brother was male tested DNA and markers came in the line at about the point of Nancy and they were markers commonly associated with Cherokee DNA. But Nancy’s female heritage is strictly European through a female line test.
      How are you connecting Nancy to Joseph though? Are you related directly to Nancy or don’t know?

      1. Nancy is my 5th Great Grandmother through Mellen Ralston b. 1836. If you send me an email, I will send you the link to my tree on ancestry.

  3. William Elrod is my grandmas great great great grandfather, and Im doing research on her family. We are related through his daughter Martha. I can’t find the record of this will on… any other information on where this record is located? Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Cousin- Sorry for the slow response. I have just now been recovered enough from an accident to do this blog again.
      I am still looking to see if Elrods are my ancestors through Nancy Ralston.

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