Anna Maria Dawson’s Family of Cleveland, Ohio

Anna Maria Dawson was the first born child of Mary Maria Ellison and James J. Dawson. Mary Maria Ellison was the only full-sibling of my 3rd great grandfather Benjamin Walker Ellison.

Anna was born 16 SEP 1859 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States and died 29 DEC 1936 in Brooklyn, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States. She married Roelof Ralph Krist on 12 FEB 1890 in Cleveland, Ohio. They had three children: Ruby F., Esther, and Timothy. I do not think Timothy ever married.

I have found Ruby’s marriage record: Ruby married William M. Fain on 26 NOV 1938 in Cleveland, Ohio. Ruby’s Birth ~ 15 AUG 1891 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio and Death ~ March 1973 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA

Ruby Krist Marries William Fain
Ruby Krist Marries William Fain

Esther married William Mason 24 NOV 1915 in Brooklyn, Cuyahoga, Ohio. Her Birth ~ June 1893 in Ohio. You will note that William Mason’s mother’s name was Cella Fain. And Ruby marries a Fain in 1938.

Esther Krist married William Mason
Esther Krist married William Mason

I am looking for the descendants of Mary Maria Ellison in my quest for further information and photographs on Benjamin Walker Ellison. I have as of yet, found a cousin willing to share a single photograph of Benjamin Walker Ellison. Please contact me if you can help.

10 thoughts on “Anna Maria Dawson’s Family of Cleveland, Ohio

  1. Anna Dawson is my Great -Great Grandmother. She is the mother of my Great Grandmother Esther Krist. Your post is interesting because of the marriage application between Esther and William Mason. Esther did marry a William but his last name was not Mason it was Hilton. Esther and William Hilton had seven children; Richard Hilton, Delbert Hilton, Ernest Hilton, David Hilton, Evelyn Gompf, Grace Thomson, and Dorothy Garland. Of these children three still live; Evelyn, Dorothy and Grace. Dorothy Garland is my Grandma. She married Clayton Garland and had three children; Bill, Sharon, and Cindy.

    Before moving from Cleveland to Cincinnati William Hilton built a house for his family and wife Esther. I am told this house was next door from Esther’s parent’s house and Timmy lived across the street. The house William Hilton built for his family is actually still standing and has been turned into The Brooklyn Historical Society Museum on 4442 Ridge Rd Cleveland OH.

    Roelof Krist husband of Anna Dawson was from the Netherlands, Drenthe Area. I have little information on why he came to America or when but know his brother’s also came and lived nearby. One was named Arend the other Geert Krist. I am intrigued by this side because there is little information regarding Roelof’s family before he came to America and why he came. I would appreciate any information regarding any of these ancestors including anything else you may have regarding Anna Dawson and her family. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them to the best of my ability. If there is anything you can share with me I would appreciate it!

    1. Nice to meet you Heather! Your Anna did indeed marry William Mason, though. Look at the document and it testifies that they were indeed joined in marriage. So William Mason either died or they were divorced before Anna married your William Hilton. I will keep checking for further records on this. Thank you for all the wonderful information. Do you have any photographs of Anna Dawson? Or her mother? Her mother would look alot like my Benjamin Walker as they were full-siblings. I have a lot of information going backward. I run the Ellison Family Tree on Anna’s mother was Mary Maria Ellison and she was the daughter of Walker Ellison and Margaret Cooper. Did you know that Mary Maria came to Michigan to live near her brother Benjamin and her half-sister Annie Robinson? And then she married Annie’s husband Enoch when he died. Any chance Mary Maria kept a photograph of her brother or sister and it is still in your family? Also, any chance your family knows what happened to Mary Maria’s little half-sisters Emma and Elizabeth? They were Hudson’s as Margaret Ellison re-married after Walker died in England.

      1. I would do a search on on Roelof. His parents are listed as Hans Krist and Jakoliv Timmerl of Holland. Also on the 1900 census Roelof is listed as immigrating in 1872 and that he was naturalized. He was a fish peddler. So you’d want to check the passenger lists and also the Cuyahoga County naturalization records. I’d also search under Ralph Krist, only as he may have wanted to sound American.

      2. I did see the marriage application however I know for a fact that his last name was Hilton. The other information is pretty much correct. His mother’s maiden name was Fain but her first name was Fronnie. His father’s name was Jesse Hilton. I wish I knew why it says Mason. He was orphaned at a young age and raised by his older brother John W Hilton. I would love to know and understand why it say’s Mason.
        I do have photographs of Esther Hilton and her sister Ruby along with her husband William Hilton I will be happy to share. I am aware of pictures of Anna and even possibly Mary Maria but they are not at my disposal. I may be able to talk the person who has the pictures to allow me to come over and scan them but they are not allowed to leave her house. I have seen them many years ago when I was a little girl. If I asked I have no doubt I would be allowed to scan these pictures. They are all very well labeled! I remember one of them being a wedding photo of someone but they wore a black dress. I am almost certain this photo was of Mary Maria in one of her many marriages!
        I have read that Benjamin Walker died in an insane asylum after returning from the war. As a matter of fact if you search his name on this site the records do indeed come up. I have no information but will be happy to ask my family about them.
        Margaret Cooper’s parents are Francis Cooper and Sarah Booth of England. Again if you search this site quite a bit of information comes up, including Margaret Cooper’s Baptism records and the church in which she was baptized.
        I will be happy to post the pictures I have and will see about getting more as soon as I can! Meanwhile I would love to see the picture you have of Walker Ellison if you would like to share. Thanks for your help!

  2. Yes, thank you. I have done the search on Roelof and found much information about him and his life in America. I guess there is just still many unanswered questions that I may never know. He is a “mystery man” as my dad calls him. I am aware he was a fish peddler and being he lived near the great lakes I suppose this could have been very profitable. My dad remembers visiting the house Roelof and Anna lived in and says it was an exceptionally beautiful Victorian. I have seen a portrait of him that is at least a 16×20 in size but there are no other pictures of him we have found. He looks very regal! He must have done well for himself. My questions go back to his life in the Netherlands. I have visited Dutch sites that translate to English but it is quite tedious to go through so much information that does not translate well. I greatly appreciate your help. Any information given could be something new to me and you never know what else I could find from it. So thank you very much for your help!!!

    1. Hi Heather- Yes, this is my site. Thank you for all of your help. That is very interesting that William listed his last name as “Mason” rather than “Hilton.” I am so excited to possibly see any photos! Please make sure and tell them this is my family also. I am a direct descendant of Benjamin Walker so we are cousins. Sorry, but I don’t have any photos of Walker as he died in 1841. I have posted a lot of photos of his grandson William Arthur on this site though. You have a couple of mysteries there to solve!! Thank you again!!

      1. Oh wow! I didn’t realize this was your site. I can’t thank you enough for all the work you have put into this! I have spent hours on here and have found out so much. Thank you so much for sharing all your research and hard work. I will be happy to share the photos. I will have my mom email them to me and share. I had them on an external hard drive along with my daughter’s newborn pictures and my computer isn’t recognizing the drive. I could cry right now. As soon as she emails them I will share. I will ask my aunt for permission to come over and scan all of the other older photos as well. I have wanted to scan them for years anyway!

  3. Hey there. I thought I would let you know the mystery is solved. I’m told it’s a secret not to share even though it wasn’t that big of a deal. 🙂 Thanks to you I have learned a part of my family history I would have never known without coming across the information you provided.
    Also last night I was finally able to meet with my great aunt and see some of the old family photos. In her collection was a photo of Marion Maria Ellison, sister of Benjamin Walker. I am sorry to say there were none of Benjamin Walker himself but at least she was a full blooded sibling. This was the oldest photo she had so unfortunately there wouldn’t be any of their parents.
    We have scanned the photos and are in the process of sorting and labeling but I will post this photo as soon as I get them sorted with some other relatives photos as well. I just wanted to let you know I have not forgot I promised to try and find her photo for you. It was indeed the photo I remembered of her in a black dress which is quite amazing because the last and only time I saw it was about 25 years ago and the one I saw back then was simply labeled Anna’s mother. Somehow I knew it was her. I will post these very soon. I have not forgotten about you!

    1. I cannot tell you how much this means to me, Heather. Thank you ever so much, Cousin!!
      I am just holding my breath waiting to see my 3rd great Aunt and the sister of BWE!!
      I am so glad I helped you and you have helped me and this is a great day for family history and how sharing benefits everyone involved!! Plus you get to meet your cousins!

      1. I don’t mean to be a pain but I cannot figure out how or if I am even able to post to this site. If you could give me instruction on how to post or allow me to send them to your email so you can post them to the correct link that would be fine too.

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