Tasker Family Photographs

Back of photograph reads:

Aunt Frances (Tasker Ingham), Diane Ellison, Nana Baines, Dorothy & John Tasker


John T. Tasker: JohnTTasker

Edith Dorothy Fry Tasker and her four children in Winnipeg, Canada: Louis, Norman, Marjorie and John Jr.


Rosie Tasker as a child and as an adult. Rose Eleanor Tasker was the youngest child of Tristram and Rose Eleanor Tasker and she was born in 1901 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

BackofRosieTasker RosieTasker

BackofAdultRosie RosieTaskerAdult

The Tasker Family with Jim & Ethel Ellison, circa 1944 when Jim was serving in the US Army.

I am guessing the man on the left is Robert Tasker. Next is Dorothy Tasker, Ethel Ellison, Jim Ellison and John Tasker. Please let me know if I guessed wrong!


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