One thought on “Eliza Ann Sadler Fry with her children circa 1903

  1. Hi, I’m the great-grandson of Mary Ann Sadler (Eliza Ann’s sister) and Helmer Pettersen her 1st husband.
    I’ve recently come across a report of the murder of Jean Sadler who could be the Jean Sadler daughter of Albert and Dorothy.
    The court documents are held at the National Archives and have been blocked for 88 years! I have sent in a ‘Freedom of Information’ request. Regards, Atrebatus.

    “Freedom of Information Request: Call Reference F0053526
    Mon 10/09, 15:36
    Dear Mr Maldoom,

    Thank you for your enquiry of 27 July 2018 regarding a review of:

    DPP 2/4704 – HARRIS, Leonard Charles: murder of Jean SADLER between 10 and 13 July 1969 at Hunstanton, Norfolk, by stabbing, strangulation and assault. Convicted

    I am writing to inform you that we are required to conduct a public interest test in relation to your request and we will let you know the result of this by 08 October 2018.” . . . . [still deliberating!]

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