John Carroll & Mary Ferrigan Marriage Record

The National Library of Ireland has online Catholic Church Parish Records, such as are on  microfilm at PRONI. I was checking to see what I should search for in Belfast when I am there and lo and behold, here is the primary reason I was heading to PRONI.

You will see there is no information in the original record as to who are the parents of John Carroll and Mary Ferrigan. They were married on 20 SEP 1860 at the Roman Catholic Church in Hilltown, Clon(d)uff Parish in the Diocese of Dromore, County Down in Northern Ireland.


Frances North Tasker

Ancestry had a free weekend to search UK records, so I did a little digging around on my UK lines.

I found some good stuff on Frances North Tasker. Frances was the daughter of William and Hannah North. She was born in 1827 in South Kirkby, Yorkshire, England. She married Thomas Tasker of the same town on 15 APR 1856  at South Kirkby, All Saints, Yorkshire, England.

Frances North Tasker was the mother of Tristram Tasker. Tristram was the father of John Tristram Tasker who married Edith Dorothy Fry. Edith and John were the parents of my grandmother Ethel Tasker Ellison.

Frances’s “Fanny” baptismal record: You can see that Frances’s father was a farmer. This is important information to be able to trace this family through censuses. The surname North is common and there were other William and Hannah North’s having children in South Kirkby at the same time.


Frances on the 1851 English Census: This census shows us that Frances is living with her older brothers Henry and Isaac. Henry is a farmer of 60 acres and Isaac is working on the farm for Henry. Frances is keeping their house. They are still in South Kirkby.  See that John North lives next door and farms 10 acres. This is probably an older brother. We know that Frances’s father died then before 1851. Her mother may be living with another of her children.


Frances and Thomas Tasker Marriage Record: From this record we learn that Thomas Tasker was a plumber and (?), that his father was John Tasker and that John Tasker was a plumber and possibly a glazier (?). William North, Frances’s father, was a farmer. We know we have the right couple then. Something else to note, Henry North was a witness for this document and both Thomas and Frances could sign their own names. The couple above them could not, they put their mark next to their names. This means both Frances and Thomas were educated.


Frances Burial Record: Frances was only 44 years old when she died. She was buried in South Kirkby on 1 AUG 1871. This gives us the place to search for her grave.



Rose Eleanor Sugden and Tristram Tasker of Leeds, Yorkshire

Rose Eleanor Sugden was the daughter of William and Mary E. Sugden. She was born in Hull, Yorkshire in 1857.  She married Tristram Tasker on 24 DEC 1876 at Holbeck Church in Leeds. Tristram was listed as a leather dresser and Rose as a spinster. Note that Tristram’s father Thomas Tasker was a plumber and Rose’s father William Sugden was a soldier.


In 1861 Rose Eleanor was living with her widowed mother Mary E. Sugden at 23 B? Banack St in Leeds. She had two sisters, Susannah aged 10 and Elizabeth aged 2.  Susannah was born in Ireland as was her mother Mary E.


In 1871, Rose was still living with her mother on a different street in Leeds. There is a grandchild in the house, named Mary H. Wood, aged 3 months. I am guessing this girl was Rose’s daughter, but she may have been her sister’s Susannah. Susannah is a servant at the Leeds General Infirmary in 1871 and is not married. Elizabeth died in 1862.


In 1881, Tristram and Rose are living at 9 Rhodes Square in Leeds. He is a leather dresser and the following children are living there: Violetta, aged 6, Tristram’s Step-daughter; Frances E., aged 3, his daughter; Eliza J., aged 1, his daughter; Mary E., aged 53, his mother-in-law who is a laundress and who was born in Ireland.



In 1891, Tristram and Rose are living at 4 Proctor Terrace in Leeds. He is a leather dresser and the children are: Violetta 16, Frances 13, Eliza Jane 11, Edith 9, John Tristram 3, and Eleanor Gertrude 4 months.


In 1901, Tristram and Rose had moved to 7 Stonegate where they would live the rest of their lives. The children are: Eliza J 21, Edith 18, John T. 12, Eleanor G 10, Frederick L. 7, and Rose E. 3 months. Tristram is a tanner.


In 1908, Tristram Tasker was listed as a foreman and living at 7 Stonegate off Buslingthorpe Lane in Leeds.


Tristram Tasker was buried on 7 JAN 1911 at the age of 54 and his residence was listed as 7 Stonegate, Woodhouse, Leeds.


He was the son of Thomas and Frances Tasker and born around 1857. He was baptized in 1859 as was his sister Elizabeth.


In 1911, Rose was a widow and living at the Stonegate residence. One can only assume that they owned this dwelling of 5 rooms. Living with her are her children: Frederick Lewis 17, Eleanor Gertrude 20, Rose Eleanor 10, Frances E Ingham 33 and her two children. Frances was a visitor to England at the time and one of her children had been born in Winnipeg, Canada. This is the year John Tristram immigrated to Winnipeg, Canada. Rose reported that she had 9 children and 8 were living in 1911.


I think her nine children were; Mary H. Wood, Violetta, Frances E., Eliza Jane, Edith, John T., Eleanor Gertrude, Frederick Lewis, Rose Eleanor. I believe Mary must’ve died as a child.

Rose Eleanor Sugden Tasker was buried on 22 March 1933 and was listed as living at 7 Stonegate in Woodhouse.


Benjamin Ellison and Mary Maria Ambler

Benjamin Ellison married Mary Maria Ambler on 13 AUG 1810 at St. John the Evangelist Church in Baildon, Yorkshire. You will note he was a Currier from Birstall. He worked with leather.

Marriage Bann
Marriage Bann
Marriage Announcement
Marriage Announcement

Mary Maria Ambler was the daughter of John Ambler and Hannah Walker of Baildon, Yorskshire. Mary was baptized on 19 FEB 1786 in Baildon.

Mary Maria Ambler Baptism
Mary Maria Ambler Baptism


Walker Ellison Burial Site

Walker Ellison was buried in the Churchyard at St. John the Evangelist in Baildon, West Yorkshire, England on 2 APR 1841. He died in Easingwold, North Yorkshire on 31 MAR 1841. Walker had two children with Margaret Cooper: Mary Maria and Benjamin Walker. Below are the church records of the burial and a photo of the church:

Walker Ellison Burial
St John the Evangelist in Baildon

Edith Dorothy Fry and Robert Sidney Fry Baptismal Record

Here is Edith Dorothy Fry’s baptismal record, her brother Robert Sidney is listed above her:


Edith Dorothy was the daughter of Albert Alexander Fry and Eliza Ann Sadler Fry. She immigrated to Canada with her husband John Tristam Tasker and then to Detroit, Michigan. She was the mother of Ethel Tasker Ellison.

Dorothy and her brother were born in Lewisham, Kent County but their parents had them baptized on the same day in 1889 in Thornham, Norfolk.

Sadler Family of Thornham, Norfolk, England




The 1871 England Census, shown above, lists the John Sadler family in Thornham, Norfolk, England. John and Elizabeth Vincent Sadler were the parents of Eliza Ann Sadler Fry, who was Edith Dorothy Fry’s mother and Ethel Tasker Ellison’s grandmother. Ethel Ellison was my Nana.

The census lists the family as living at the Life Boat and Hailehelane in Thornham. John is a “carter” and a “beerhouse keeper”. His 13 year old son is also a “carter.” A carter was a person who transported goods by wagon or cart.

John was the keeper of the Lifeboat Inn. You can click here and see the Inn:

When John died in 1880, his wife Elizabeth took over as the keeper.

Here she is on the 1881 Census:



Here is the Lifeboat Inn’s own site:

I also found their daughter, Eliza Ann Sadler’s baptismal record:


Mary Ferrigan & John Carroll Family of County Down

John Carroll died in 1890 and is purported to be buried in the Catholic church cemetery in Killeavy, Armagh. There is a Lower Killeavy Chapel in the village of Cloghogue. My grandmother, Bridget Carroll Butler’s daughter, visited this grave on a trip to Ireland in the 1970’s. My grandmother told me that Mary Carroll insisted on the burial being in this spot despite the problem it caused with transportation of the deceased.

After John’s death, Mary Ferrigan Carroll immigrated to the United States to join some of her children in Iowa.  On the 1910 US Census, Mary reported that she immigrated in 1891 and was 70 years old. She was living in Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa at the time with her son, Peter J Carroll, aged 30.

Here is a list of Mary Ferrigan & John Carroll’s children that can be found on and the children’s exact birth dates and locations:

Click here:

Note that on Catherine Margaret’s information John is listed as being born in Cloghogue, Newry, Down.

The children listed are:

Mary Ann

Catherine Margaret :  Catherine married Robert Steele on 24 AUG 1904 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Thomas:  Thomas married Allie Mcenteer on 24 OCT 1869 in Belle Plain, Benton, Iowa.



Bridget : This is my great-grandmother. Born 15 OCT 1867 in Rathfriland, County Down, Ireland. I have had a different date of birth for many years. The Catholic church in Rathfriland at the time was St. Mary’s.


I have also finally found John & Mary’s marriage date and place:

From the Roots Ireland site.
From the Roots Ireland site.

Francis Cooper & Sarah Booth Family of Baildon

Francis Cooper married Sarah Booth on 13 OCT 1815 in Baildon, West Riding Yorkshire, England at St. John the Evangelist Church. Francis died 18 JAN 1850 in Baildon with burial at St. John the Evangelist Church. Sarah died prior to 1841 (she is missing from the 1841 England Census and Francis is listed as a widower.)

Here is their marriage record:

Francis Cooper & Sarah Booth

Francis and Sarah had eight children that I can figure at this time:

1) Francis Booth was born 23 APR 1815 in Baildon. He was born out of wedlock to Sarah Booth, prior to her marriage to his father, Francis Cooper. He was married to Sarah Ward (1820 – ?) on 13 AUG 1837 in Baildon at St. John the Evangelist Church. He was also married to Mary Wood on 2 JAN 1870 in Bradford at St. Peter’s Cathedral. Please note that Francis Booth listed his father as Francis Cooper on his marriage record. This was not that unusual at this time in this region.

Francis Booth Baptism
Francis Booth & Sarah Ward Marriage Record

2) Benjamin Cooper was born about 1816 in Baildon.

3) Margaret Cooper was born 08 JUL 1817 in Baildon. This is my fourth great-grandmother and you may find other information about her under the tag- Margaret Cooper Ellison Hudson. If you click on PDF below you will see her baptismal record.


4) John Cooper was born 22 AUG 1820 in Baildon. If you click on PDF below you will see his baptismal record.


5) Thomas Cooper was born about 1820 in Baildon. He married Hannah Moorhouse (1823 – ?) on 17 NOV 1842 in Otley at the All Saints Church, Yorkshire. He died about 1887 in Baildon with burial at St. John the Evangelist. It appears that Thomas and Hannah had at least nine children: Booth (1884 – ?), Mary Ann (1846 – ?), George (1848 – ?), Joshua (1851 – ?), Thomas (1854 – ?), Alfred S. (1856 – ?), Richard (1857 – ?), Henry M. (1865 – ?), and Emily (1875 -?)

6) Samuel Cooper was christened on 20 APR 1823 in Baildon. He was married on 25 MAY 1843 in Bingley at the All Saints Church to Ellen Cockshott (1822 – ?) and he died APR 1860 in Bingley with burial at All Saints. It appears that Samuel and Ellen had at least two children: Henry (1848 – ?) and Mary (1850 – ?).

7) Sarah Ann Cooper was born about 1826 in Baildon. She was married on 28 JAN 1850 to Francis Wilks (1825 – ?) in Bradford at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Yorkshire. In 1881, Sarah Ann was listed on the Pudsey, Yorkshire Census. It appears that Francis and Sarah Ann had at least four children: William (1854 – ?), Dawnbough (1859 – ?), Joseph (1863 – ?) and Sarah Hannah (1866 – ?).

8) Mary Ann Cooper was born 01 AUG 1832 in Baildon and died at the age of one on 16 MAY 1834 in Baildon with burial at St. John the Evangelist Church.

You may see my sources used on my public Ellison Family Tree on Please contact me if you have further information on this family and their descendants. I am very much interested in understanding what happened to my fourth great-grandmother’s siblings and their families.