Darius Townsend in Blue Books (Series 1142, compiled in 1885)

I ordered what the Wisconsin Historical Society had on Darius Townsend in the Red and Blue Books. He is not in the Red Books.

Townsend Darius Private Enlisted June 10, 1861 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Captain Hibbard for 3 years. He was mustered in July 13, 1861 at Madison. Age 20, Single, Dark eyes, Light Hair and Complexion, 5′ 8″ Tall.


Rest of the page tells us his hometown which is unreadable in its entirety and that he was discharged in summer of 1862. But we know he was in the federal hospitals all summer from the carded medical records.


The final digital is an enlargement of the remarks:

May 5th to 9/62 Ab. sick to Williamsburg, Va May 8, 1862

May 10th 1862 Reported as “Deserter” since October 20/62 per GO #162 from HD Army Potomac.

Des. List 2/3/63 sent sick from Williamsburg May 5/62

MC Discharge summer 62 disability

Rept AG USA Charge of desertion not removed

The carded medical records from the National Archives tell us that Darius was at the USA Hospital (College) Williamsburg, VA in May 1862, probably got there May 22nd. It then lists him as a transfer to USA Hospital (Wheaton) in Yorktown, VA on May 30, 1862. He was then sent to Newport News USA General Hospital near Fort Monroe, VA and was remaining in the hospital on June 1, 1862. On October 30, 1862 he was admitted to Hampton USA General Hospital in Fort Monroe, VA for diarrhea and was Returned to Duty on Dec. 30, 1862.

Being persistent, while ill, and travelling all over Virginia to keep up with your company does not sound to me like someone wanting to desert.

He may have deserted on Dec. 30, 1862 but his family never saw him again.


Carded Medical Records for Darius Townsend

Darius Townsend, Private, Company B. Fifth Wisconsin Infantry, volunteer. Son of Nathaniel P. Townsend of Wisconsin. His mother was Betsey A Welch of Cato, Cayuga County, New York.

In the hopes that I might discover what happened to Darius Townsend, I hired a private researcher to go into the Carded Medical Records in Record Group 94 at the National Archives. According to Darius’s Military Service file was in the Newport News, VA General Hospital on June 4, 1862 (on the muster roll as a nurse).

The results of the search are below. You will see his movements were:

May 22, 1862 he was admitted to USA (College) Hospital in Williamsburg, VA

On May 30, 1862 he was sent to USA Hospital (Wheaton) Yorktown, VA (temporary)

Darius is recorded as admitted to Newport News, USA General Hospital, near Fort Monroe VA on June 1, 1862

Then we have a card for him that says he was admitted on October 30, 1862 at the Hampton USA General Hospital in Fort Monroe, VA and returned to duty on December 30, 1862.

You can click below to see the records.


John Tristram Tasker World War One

My great-grandfather John Tristram Tasker served as a Gunner in the Canadian Expeditionary Force with the 2nd Divisional Ammunition Column, Canadian Field Artillery from 25 FEB 1915 until honourably discharged on 29 MAY 1919. That is a long time to serve in this war and in France. I am awfully proud of him.

John Tristram Tasker 1918
John Tristram Tasker 1918
John Tristram Tasker with the 2nd Divisional Ammunition Column
John Tristram Tasker with the 2nd Divisional Ammunition Column



John & Edith Dorothy Tasker Family

My great-grandparents John and Edith Dorothy Tasker were in England on the 1911 Census in Leeds, Yorkshire:

1911 England Census
1911 England Census

You can see that John was a machine shaver at a leather factory. And that Louis Albert was 2 and Norman was 3 months at the time.

John then immigrated to Canada in May of 1911 on the Hesperian. You can see that he lists himself as a bricklayer. JohnTaskerPassengerList1911

Edith Dorothy and her two sons follow not long after in September of 1911. They sail on the Empress of Britain.


In February 1915, John signed an attestation that he was willing to service overseas for Canada. You will note that he lists prior military experience. It is difficult to read but says something then Irish. They were living at 292 Pritchard Avenue in Winnipeg. He did serve in WW One for Canada and I have those papers that I will scan in.


In 1916 on the Canadian census, Edith and the children are living in Winnipeg and John is listed as being in France (WWI).


John is still working as a bricklayer and the children are as follows: Louis 8, Norman 6, John 3, and Marjorie 1. You will note that the census is written in French.

By 1921, the family is in Charleswood, Manitoba, Canada.


John is still a bricklayer and the children are: Louis 12, Norman 10, John 8, Marjorie 6 and Grace Muriel 3 months.

In 1923, they leave Canada and immigrate to America. Below are some of their immigration documents:



In 1930, they are living in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.


John is a brickmason and the children are: Louis 21, Norman 19, John 17, Marjorie 15, Grace 8, Ethel 6, Edward 2, and Robert a baby. They are living at 136 Montana Avenue in Detroit.

William Mason, husband of Esther Krist

Here are more records pertaining to William Mason as the husband of Esther Krist. You will note that he goes by Mason on both the 1920 and 1930 census and so do his children.

William Thomas Mason WW1 Draft Card:

William Thomas Mason Draft Card
William Thomas Mason Draft Card

William Mason and Esther on 1920 Census:

Name: William Mason
Titles and Terms:
Event Type: Census
Event Year: 1920
Event Place: Cleveland Ward 6, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States
District: 106
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Race (Original): White
Can Read:
Can Write:
Relationship to Head of Household: Head
Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Head
Own or Rent:
Birth Year (Estimated): 1894
Birthplace: Kentucky
Immigration Year:
Father’s Birthplace: Tennessee
Mother’s Birthplace: Tennessee
Sheet Number and Letter: 24A
Household ID:
Line Number: 9
Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Affiliate Publication Number: T625
GS Film number: 1821362
Digital Folder Number: 004383993
Image Number: 00597
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
William Mason Head M 26 Kentucky
Esther K Mason Wife F 26 Ohio
Delbert W Mason Son M 2 Ohio
Evelyn R Mason Daughter F 0 Ohio

Citing this Record:
“United States Census, 1920,” index and images, <i>FamilySearch</i> (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/MDP1-94N : accessed 25 Sep 2014), William Mason, Cleveland Ward 6, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States; citing sheet 24A, family , NARA microfilm publication T625, FHL microfilm 1821362.

William Mason and Family on 1930 Census:

Name: William Mason
Titles and Terms:
Event Type: Census
Event Year: 1930
Event Place: Brooklyn, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States
District: 0549
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Race (Original): White
Relationship to Head of Household: Head
Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Head
Birth Year (Estimated): 1894
Birthplace: Kentucky
Immigration Year:
Father’s Birthplace: Kentucky
Mother’s Birthplace: Kentucky
Sheet Number and Letter: 1B
Household ID: 25
Line Number: 84
Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Affiliate Publication Number: T626
Affiliate Film Number: 1761
GS Film number: 2341495
Digital Folder Number: 004638900
Image Number: 01034
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
William Mason Head M 36 Kentucky
Esther Mason Wife F 36 Ohio
Delbert Mason Son M 13 Ohio
Evelyn Mason Daughter F 10 Ohio
Ernest Mason Son M 8 Ohio
Harold Mason Son M 6 Ohio
Richard Mason Son M 4 Ohio
Timothy Krist Boarder M 35 Ohio
Ruby Krist Boarder F 37 Ohio

Citing this Record:
“United States Census, 1930,” index and images, <i>FamilySearch</i> (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/X4ST-YQ5 : accessed 25 Sep 2014), William Mason, Brooklyn, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States; citing enumeration district (ED) 0549, sheet 1B, family 25, NARA microfilm publication T626, roll 1761.

Darius Townsend Civil War Pension Documents

Darius Townsend was the only full biological brother of Mary Alice Cutler Ellison. His father Nathaniel P Townsend applied for a Civil War pension on the behalf of his supposed deceased son Darius. According to his father, Darius was killed in action at the Battle of Antietam in September of 1862. According to the government, Darius was discharged and/or deserted in October 1862. But since he never returned home and was never heard from ever again, it is safe to assume that his father had the correct information.

You will note that Nathaniel lists Darius only other family member as being: Alice Allison (sic).

Click below to view:

Darius Townsend

George Van Buren Draft Record & Headstone

Below is the 1863 record for George Van Buren signing up for the Union draft during the Civil War. George was not drafted but enlisted and fought in the Tenth Michigan Calvary, a Corporal, Company G, from 27 AUG 1864 to 16 JUN 1865.

George Washington Van Buren was the father of Anna Elizabeth Van Buren Ellison.

You will note the other Van Buren’s on the document. Ebenezer was George’s brother, sons of William Van Buren and Amanda Bradley Van Buren. I am not certain who Henry was, born circa 1830 also in New York. Amanda was born in 1816, making it unlikely that she was Henry’s mother.

They are living in Danby, Michigan at this time.



Below is George Van Buren’s headstone in the Soldier’s Plot at the Maple Lawn Cemetery in Boyne City, Charlevoix County, Michigan.


G.A.R. Post # 246 Boyne Falls, Michigan

Membership Roster for the John Robinson Post #246

Grand Army of the Republic

Below is information from the Membership Roster for the Union Veterans in Boyne Falls Village belonging to GAR Post #246. It is not a complete listing of all members.

Alphabetical Listing of Charter Members

Dated 25 MAR 1884:

Austin, W J

Branch, Harrison

Dickenson, Monroe

Dutche, CW

Ellison, Benjamin W

Findley, Robert

Harris, WG

Howard, Albert

Hulbert, Thomas J

Leclar, George R

LeClar, Thomas

Magee, Cromwell

Magee, Marshall

Mauri, VR

Mears, William

Roberts, Marden

Robinson, Enoch K

Weedmer, Benedict

Wright, Hiram


The Officers as of 16 APR 1884, alphabetically with position following:

Auston, William G.  SVC (Senior Vice Commander)

Branch, Harrison  CHAP (Chaplain)

Dickenson, Monroe  OD (Officer of the Day)

Findley, Robert  OG (Officer of the Guard)

Harris, William G.  JVC (Junior Vice Commander)

Leddick, George C.  SM (Sergeant Major)

Magee, Marshall  QMS (Quarter Master Sergeant)

Meard, William COMM (Commander)

Myers, Frank  QM (Quartermaster)

Robinson, Enoch K.  ADJ (Adjutant)

Van Buren, George  G (Guard)


This post was organized in 1884 and disbanded in 1900. The post claimed 29 members. 9 are buried in Boyne Falls Cemetery, Section 10 of Boyne Valley (If you are looking on a plat map). One is buried in Downey Cemetery, Section 31 of Chandler Township. One is buried in Maple Lawn Cemetery, in Boyne City, Section 2 of Wilson Township.


Members connected to me:

Ellison, Benjamin W.   Pvt.   Company C  16th Michigan Infantry   Boyne Falls Cemetery

Robinson, Enoch K.     Pvt.   Company F   35th Massachusetts Infantry   Boyne Falls Cemetery

Van Buren, George      Pvt.    Company G  10th Michigan Calvary    Maple Lawn Cemetery


Benjamin Walker Ellison’s next door neighbors:

Magee, Marshall           Cpl.   Company G     10th New York Infantry     Boyne Falls Cemetery

Wright, Hiram               Pvt.   Company I      148th New York Infantry    Boyne Falls Cemetery


Source: Flint Public Library owns a copy of the following:

Membership Roster for the John Robinson Post #246

Grand Army of the Republic


Charlevoix County Genealogical Society, reprinted 1995

(copied from original records on file in The Bureau of Records, Lansing, MI)

This can be purchased directly from the Charlevoix County Genealogical Society for $2.50.

Other sources of information about the Grand Army of the Republic:

Library of Congress

Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War

Grand Army of the Republic Library & Museum

Private Benjamin W Ellison, 16th Michigan Infantry, Company G

Private Benjamin W. Ellison was drafted into service for the Union on 08 MAR 1865 and discharged on 8 JUL 1865. The photo below is of BWE’s regimental flag. Benjamin W. Ellison was the father of William A. Ellison. I copied all below from http://micivilwar.org >>

The Sixteenth Michigan Infantry was mustered into service in Detroit in September 1861. The history of this regimental color is unknown. This flag may be a special flag commissioned at the end of the war, perhaps for the Grand Review in Washington, D.C., at the war’s end.
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Visitors to the State Capitol fondly remember its rotunda ringed with battle flags. The flags now show the ravages not only of battle, but also of storage under less than ideal conditions. Now, new storage at the Michigan Historical Museum permits the flags of this 230-flag collection (160 from the Civil War) to lay flat, supported by archival fabric, in a room where the temperature and humidity are controlled. (The Capitol now features reproductions of the original flags in its rotunda cases.)
The Michigan Capitol Committee, the Save the Flags program and the Michigan Historical Museum to save the delicate flags. Conservation work, made possible through funds raised by Save the Flags, will help preserve the actual physical flags throughout the coming years.