Ethel & Jim Ellison Family Documents

Ethel’s report card from the Detroit Public School, the 1936-1937 school year:

EthelTasker1937reportcard EthelTasker1937reportcardBack EthelTasker1937reportcardEnvelope EthelTasker1937reportcardInterior

Here is the 8th grade class of 1937 of Greenfield Park School in Detroit:


James A. Ellison Royal Oak High School Commencement Brochure for the class of 1938 and his graduation photo:

JimEllisonHSGraduation1938 JimEllisonHSGraduation1938Back JimEllisonHSGraduation1938Interior JimEllisonHSGraduationPhoto1938

James A. Ellison and Ethel Tasker’s Wedding Invitation 1941:


Alice Baines at Winckley Square Convent School

My lovely Baines cousin, Elsie, has met up with another Baines family member over in England and just told me that my great-grandmother Alice Baines went to Winckley Square Convent School in Preston before she went to America in 1911.

You can see what remains of the school here:

On a very interesting note, you will see that if you tour Winckley Square on the above website, you will read mention of a Paul Catterall and his brother Peter Catterall. I am wondering what connection these gentleman have to my ancestor Margaret J Catterall, who married Henry “Harry” Baines. Their son James Baines was Alice’s father.

The men were members of the Winckley Club.

You can read about the Winckley Club (and the Square) at Google Books.

Thank you, Elsie!!