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Mary Alice Ellison Probate File

2 Jun

Mary Alice Ellison, wife of Benjamin Walker Ellison, died 27 FEB 1913. Four days after her husband died. Below are select documents from her probate file from the Charlevoix County Probate Court.

You will note that Mary Alice made special mention of my great-grandfather Harold Ellison in her will. She had other grandchildren at this time. The letter is included in the file to prove the authenticity of Alice’s handwritten will. Also, Samuel Delmont, whom Alice refers to as Dell in her letter, asked the estate for $520.oo for services rendered. He had been living with Alice and Benjamin Walker and taking care of them. The court gave him $187 and some change.

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Looking at Photos on this Blog

17 Sep

Remember that you can click on the photograph and then when it appears in a new window- you can zoom, sometimes more than once!

William Hudson Naturalization Record

3 Mar

The Cuyahoga County Archives was kind enough to send me a scan of the Naturalization Record for William Hudson. William Hudson was Margaret Ellison’s second husband and the step-father of Mary Maria and Benjamin Walker Ellison and father of Annie, Emma & Elizabeth Hudson.

You will note that the record reads as follows:

William Hudson Arrived in NY September 1848

     England      Filed Feb 24, 1855

                       Cef Nat Feb (28) T??? 1857   28-534

This tells us that the Hudson’s arrived in Cleveland, Ohio by February 24, 1855. They were listed on the 1850 US Census in Wheeling, West Virginia (Virginia at that time).

Hudson’s naturalization granted citizenship also to Margaret, his wife and his children. 

To read about the naturalization laws at this time go here :


Ellison Family Photos Etc

22 Nov

On the back of one of my grandfather’s report cards, from 1932, is this note from “Pa Pa”. I am guessing that since my grandfather’s grandfather James Baines played the violin, this note is from him. Now, I know why my grandfather had his grandchildren refer to him as “Papa”.

“I fixed the fiddle it might have striched a little since. there was nobody in the house so I just tooke the silver ware Pa Pa”

Ethel, Judith & Jacqueline, circa 1944

Alice Ellison with her little brother James, circa 1921

Harold & Alice Ellison with Judith Ann, summer 1942

James A. Ellison, circa 1940

James Dawson of Cleveland, OH Probate 1884

15 Sep

James J. Dawson was the husband of Mary Maria Ellison, daughter of Walker and Margaret Ellison.

The Probate is dated May 5, 1884. Thanks to Donna Cromwell for finding this and sharing it so generously.