Margaret Cooper Ellison Hudson Marriage Certificates

My fourth great-grandmother Margaret Cooper, the daughter of Francis Cooper and Sarah Booth of Baildon, West Riding Yorkshire, England was married twice.

First to Walker Ellison on 11 November 1838  in Otley:

Margaret Cooper and Walker Ellison Marriage Record

Walker died in 1841 while Margaret was pregnant with her second child, Benjamin Walker Ellison. Her oldest child, Mary Maria Ellison was only 2.

On the 13th of August, 1845, Margaret married William Hudson, a bachelor and a maltster in Bradford. A maltster made or dealt in malt for ale.

Margaret Ellison and William Hudson Marriage Record

William and Margaret Hudson had three girls together: Annie born in 1846, Emma born in 1848 and Elizabeth born in 1850 (West Virginia, USA).

Annie went on to marry Enoch Robinson and she died in Boyne Falls, Charlevoix County, Michigan. I have not figured out what happened to Emma and Elizabeth.

Enoch and Annie Robinson Graves

Find A Grave has photos of some of the graves of the Enoch and Annie Robinson family at Boyne Valley Cemetery. Annie Robinson was the daughter of Margaret Cooper and William Hudson. She was born 1 APR 1846 in Baildon, Yorkshire, England and married Enoch K. Robinson on 14 FEB 1866 in Cuyhago County, Ohio. At the age of 14, Annie was orphaned and living with her big sister, Mary Maria Ellison Dawes in Cleveland, Ohio (1860). Margaret’s children remained close all of their lives, often moving as soon as possible to live near each other. A testament to Margaret’s parenting.

Click on the names below to see their graves:

Annie H. Robinson

Enoch K. Robinson

Eliza A. Robinson  Eliza A. Robinson was Enoch’s sister. She lived with her niece Mary E. Robinson Crapo in 1900 in Boyne Village, Charlevoix County, Michigan. Eliza A. was living in Boyne Valley Township, Michigan by 1880.

Ernest A. Robinson Ernest A. Robinson was born in 1870 in Illinois to Enoch and Annie Robinson.

Ivy F. Robinson  Ivy F. Robinson was Ernest’s wife.

Mamie Robinson Mamie was Plynn Hudson Robinson’s wife.

Plynn H. Robinson Plynn Hudson Robinson was born 21 APR 1875 in Boyne Valley Township, Charlevoix County, Michigan to Enoch and Annie Robinson.

Guy Glyndon Ellison Birth Record 1878

Guy Glyndon Ellison was born 4 AUG 1878 to Benjamin W. and Mary Alice Ellison in Boyne Valley, Charlevoix County, Michigan. The record is located on Page 46 of the State of Michigan, Record of Births, Charlevoix County, FHL Microfilm # 965394.

Also on this page is the birth record for Ruby Lila Robinson, daughter of Enoch K. Robinson and Annie H. Robinson. Annie was Benjamin Ellison’s half-sister, nee Ann Hudson. Ruby Lila was born 18 DEC 1878 in Boyne Valley, Charlevoix County, Michigan.

The records were both created on May 28, 1879 and my guess is that Benjamin and Enoch went into town together and recorded the births of their newest children. Enoch was a very important person in Benjamin’s life; Enoch was the one that convinced BWE to move to Boyne Falls. Enoch was also actively involved in writing testaments in support of BWE’s need for an increase in his veteran’s pension. Benjamin and Mary named their youngest son, Enoch.


Anna Robinson’s Obituary

Note: Anna Hudson Robinson was Benjamin Walker Ellison’s half-sister.

Obituary – Mrs. E. K. ROBINSON
(22 Apr 1892 – Boyne Falls News)

Transcribed by Donna Cromwell

Mrs. E. K. ROBINSON, wife of County Surveyor Robinson, after a long and painful illness, extending over several months, was finally summoned hence on the 14th last. Mrs. Robinson was a very old resident, together with her husband was one of the first settlers in the eastern part of this county, some 20 years ago. She was a worthy Christian lady, whose loss will be felt by the entire community; no effort in the cause of religion was without the hearty support of herself and husband. She was buried from the Presbyterian church here last Sunday morning, the Rev. J. Redpath conducting the services. The funeral cortege that accompanied the remains to their last resting place was a very large one. This beautiful April day, the bell that had often summed this faithful one to prayer, then sent its notes sadly and solemnly over the quiet valley while the sunshine fell softly through the stained glass of the chapel as if listening with the congregation to the solemn words, “I am the resurrection and the life, he that believieth /sic/ in Me though he were dead, yet shall he live,” and the solemn funeral hymn which floated out upon the air. In the budding spring time there must always be death, but who can tell but that the heart so still, has awakened to the glorious and eternal springtime of another life.


We hereby express our most sincere and heartfelt thanks to our neighbors and friends for their sympathy and for their continued kindly service during the weary weeks of suffering, death and burial of our loved one.

E. K. Robinson and Family

SUBMITTER’S NOTES: Mrs. Enoch Kimball ROBINSON was born Annie HUDSON circa 1846 in England to William HUDSON and Margaret nee COOPER. Margaret was previously married to the late Walker ELLISON. Annie’s half-sister, Mary Maria ELLISON, later married Enoch K. ROBINSON.