Baines Family Photos

Below is James Baines, age 45 years, on West Twelve Mile Rd in what is now Berkley, but then called Royal Oak Township in 1920:

Below are photographs with people I cannot all identify. They were taken in August 1929. In many of them are James Baines and his wife Elizabeth Ellen and I think it is James and Elizabeth sitting in front of the car? Please let me know if you can id any of the others!

Two photographs of girls. Do you know who they are? Umbrella girl photo says “Miss Highty Tighty” on the back:

Miss Highty Tighty

Jim & Harold Ellison discussing Detroit Free Press carrier salesmanship:

Group of Boys. Second one on right looks like my grandfather, James A Ellison. How about the rest of the boys?

Circa 1929

James A Ellison with daughters. Judith on one swing and he is pushing Jacqueline. Back reads “Family Reunion September 1946” :

Sept. 1946

Livesey Family 1937

My great-grandmother Alice Baines Ellison was the daughter of James Baines and Elizabeth Ellen Livesey both of Preston, Lancashire, England. Alice immigrated to America in1911 with her parents. She was their only child.

Elizabeth Ellen Livesey was the daughter of Reuben Livesey and Alice Prince. The picture below was taken in 1937. I do not know who the Shaw’s were. Do you?

Uncle “Jack” John Livesey was born circa 1879. Was Aunt Agnes his wife? Or now Mrs. Shaw? Margaret Livesey took the photo. Was she Uncle Jack’s wife?

Back of above photo

Me= Alice Baines Ellison

Mother= Elizabeth Ellen Livesey Baines

My Bobby= Robert Baines Ellison


Baines Family Photos 1917-1918

On the back of photograph: Fairmont, WV Xmas 1917

Baines Family 1917

Left to Right Back Row: James Baines, Elizabeth Ellen Baines, Harold Ellison, Alice Ellison  Front Row: Nellie Baines, wife of Thomas Baines (James Baines brother) with three of their children

On Back of Photograph: Carmicheals, PA 1918

Baines Family 1918

Left to Right: Nellie Baines with Marie and Bill Baines, Elizabeth E Baines with her dog, James Baines


Ellison Family Photos

Alice Baines & Harold Ellison, Hattie Forkel & Russell Ellison
Back of Group Shot
Harold & Alice Ellison in 1919 in new Saxon car
Nana Baines (Elizabeth) with Alice & Jim Ellison & Bob McClear behind 825 Maxwell
James & Elizabeth Baines, Harold D Ellison and children: Harold, James, Alice 1922
Ellison Children at 917 Maxwell: Dorothy, Alice, Neighbor, Hal, Jim circa 1928
Gordon Schulte lettering HD and James A Ellison Commercial Vehicle. Margaret Ellison in cab.
Richard, James, Harold D., Harold and Robert Ellison 1941

James & Elizabeth Baines 1901 England Census

James & Elizabeth Baines were the parents of Alice Baines who married Harold D. Ellison. James & Elizabeth along with Alice came to America in 1911. Alice was 13 years old when they immigrated.

1901 England Census

As you can see, James was 26, Elizabeth 27 and Alice, 3. James was a Carpenter and all three were born in Lanes, Preston, Lancashire, England.

This census came from