Enoch Chester Ellison News Article July 1931

ELLISON Enoch C 9 July 1931 OE article pg1 closeup

ELLISON Enoch C 9 July 1931 article pg5 closeup

Click on the links above to read an interesting article about Enoch C. Ellison protesting the loss of his job and three of his sons being jailed due to their violent protest. See “Father of Eleven Loses Job, 3 Lads Square Things, Jailed” Headline. Enoch Chester Ellison was Benjamin Walker and Mary Alice Ellison’s youngest son.

Wanted- Benjamin Walker Ellison family

I am wishing to purchase copies/originals of photographs of Benjamin Walker and Mary Alice Ellison and their children, Samuel, William and Enoch Chester of Charlevoix County, Michigan. They lived in Boyne Falls from 1874 to 1913. They also lived in Cleveland, Ohio and Kent County, Michigan.

I am also looking for:

  •  Photographs of their parents, William and Margaret Hudson of Cleveland, Ohio and Samuel and Eunice Amanda Cutler of Cleveland, Ohio, and Walker Ellison of Baildon, Yorkshire, England.
  • Copies/originals of diaries, journals, and personal letters from any of the above family members.
  • Photographs, advertisements, memorabilia, documents, etc from the BW Ellison & Sons Brewery in Boyne Falls, Michigan circa 1882.
  • The 16th Michigan Infantry, Company G but ONLY between April 1, 1865 and the end of the Civil War, July 1865.

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Ellison Death Certificates

Mary Alice Ellison died 27 FEB 1913 in Boyne Falls, Charlevoix County, Michigan according to her death certificate. She was born in New York on 28 MAR 1848, was 64 yrs, 10 mos old, the daughter of NP Townsend and BA Court (more about this in a moment) and the information was given by her son Samuel Delmont (Delmont). This is the only record of Mary A’s parents not being Samuel and Amanda Cutler. My great-grandmother Alice Ellison wrote a little journal and in it she wrote that Mary Cutler was adopted.

Margrut Jany Ellison died 30 OCT 1903 in Boyne Falls, Charlevoix County, Michigan according to her death certificate. She was the first wife of Enoch Chester Ellison. Daughter of Jacob Boker and L Butt, both born in Ohio. She was married at age 16, had one child living at time of death, and was 17 yrs, 4 mos and 30 days old when she died. She was born 31 MAY 1886 in Michigan and the information was reported by EC Ellison.

Marian M. Martin died 25 NOV 1909 in Boyne City, Charlevoix County, Michigan according to her death certificate. She was the daughter of Walker Ellison of England and Margaret Scranton Cooper of England, born 10 SEP 1839 in England. She was married and age 70 yrs, 3 mos, 15 days and had 4 children, 3 of whom were still living at time of her death. The informant was Wm E Dawson of Cleveland, Ohio (her son). Marian’s first husband was James J. Dawson.

Benjamin W Ellison’s Deceased Children

According to the Cleveland Interment Records, two children were buried with Benjamin W Ellison’s mother and step-father, Margaret and William Hudson in Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio.

One was a daughter, age 23 days. She was interred on 24 JUL 1871. The other was a son, age 2 months. He was interred on 10 JAN 1873.

There is a record of a Guy Glyndon Ellison being born in Charlevoix County, Michigan on 04 AUG 1878.

In JUN 1883, a Glynden B. Ellison is recorded as having died in Boyne Valley, Charlevoix, Michigan.  The child was a male, and 4 years old at time of death. He was the son of Benjamin W and Mary A Ellison.

Despite the differences in name, I believe this is the same child.

Benjamin W Ellison and Mary A Ellison were married in 1862 in Cleveland, Ohio. Mary was 14 years old and Benjamin was 21. He served the Union from March 1865 to July 1865 for the state of Michigan.

This is what I have so far on their children:

Samuel Delmont born 1 JUN 1866 in Greenville, Montcalm Co, MI.

William Arthur born 15 AUG 1868 in Parma, Cuyahoga County, OH.

Baby Girl Ellison born end of JUN/1st of JUL 1871 in Cuyahoga County, OH.

Baby Boy Ellison born NOV 1872 in Cuyahoga County, OH.

Guy Glyndon/ Glyndon B. born 04 AUG 1878 in Boyne Valley, Charlevoix County, MI.

Enoch Chester born 26 JUL 1880 in Boyne Valley, Charlevoix County, MI.