William Davis & Almy Greene Rathbun

William and Almy Davis were the parents of Eunice Amanda Davis. In 1850, William and Almy lived in Elbridge, Onondaga County, NY as did Samuel H Cutler and his wife Eunice Amanda (nee Davis).

They all moved to Cleveland, Ohio about 1853.

William and Almy sold to the railroad company Lot 35 in Elbridge on 4 JUN 1851.

Here is the deed:


Funny thing is, they got a mortgage for the same lot, Lot 35, in the town of Elbridge in 1852 and again in 1853.

In 1852, they sell lot 36 (or a part of it) in Elbridge and again in 1853, same lot (or the other part of it).

I looked up the deed to see if it says the town that they came from, but it says Elbridge. I do not know where they came from in New York prior to this appearance in Elbridge. Samuel H Cutler also appears suddenly in 1850. He was 28 at the time.

Wanted- Benjamin Walker Ellison family

I am wishing to purchase copies/originals of photographs of Benjamin Walker and Mary Alice Ellison and their children, Samuel, William and Enoch Chester of Charlevoix County, Michigan. They lived in Boyne Falls from 1874 to 1913. They also lived in Cleveland, Ohio and Kent County, Michigan.

I am also looking for:

  •  Photographs of their parents, William and Margaret Hudson of Cleveland, Ohio and Samuel and Eunice Amanda Cutler of Cleveland, Ohio, and Walker Ellison of Baildon, Yorkshire, England.
  • Copies/originals of diaries, journals, and personal letters from any of the above family members.
  • Photographs, advertisements, memorabilia, documents, etc from the BW Ellison & Sons Brewery in Boyne Falls, Michigan circa 1882.
  • The 16th Michigan Infantry, Company G but ONLY between April 1, 1865 and the end of the Civil War, July 1865.

Please contact me by leaving a comment on this post.

Eunice Amanda Davis Cutler Andrews Sisson

Eunice Amanda Davis Cutler Andrews Sisson – whew!- was the mother, probably adoptive, of Mary Alice Cutler born 28 MAR 1848 in New York who married Benjamin Walker Ellison.

Eunice Amanda Davis was the daughter of William Davis of Rhode Island and Alma Rathburn of Connecticut.  Note that Amanda Cutler is back living with her parents in 1870, but her first husband Samuel Cutler is not listed. Samuel Cutler is not to be found on the US 1870 Census.

Eunice Amanda married first Samuel H. Cutler then James T. Andrews on 06 Nov 1879 in Geauga County, Ohio and then Wilder M. Sisson on 20 APR 1898 in Geauga County, Ohio.

Eunice Amanda Sisson died 5 JUN 1917 in Geauga County, Ohio and was buried in Claridon Center Cemetery, Geauga County, Ohio with her second husband, James T. Andrews.

1850 US Census Cutler Family



1860 US Census Cutler Family

1870 US Census Amanda Cutler


1880 US Census James Andrews Family


1900 US Census Wilder M Sisson Family


1910 US Census Wilder M Sisson Family


Eunice Amanda Sisson on Death Index



Eince Amanda Sisson Death Certificate