Fry Family of Lee, Kent, England

Robert S. Fry. Born about 1890 in Thornham, Norfolk, England. Son of Albert Alexander Fry and Eliza Ann Sadler. Brother of Edith Dorothy Fry and Hilda Fry.

Robert S. Fry

Gravestone of Elizabeth Vidler Fry and George Fry in Lee Cemetery, Kent, England. George and Elizabeth were the parents of 5 children, including Albert Alexander. George was the first superintendent of Lee Cemetery.

George and Elizabeth Fry
Lee Cemetery, Kent, England

On the back of this photograph it reads “Dad’s Home”. The handwriting appears to be that of E. Dorothy Tasker’s. Her father was Albert Alexander Fry. Albert Fry died in 1900 in England.

“Dad’s Home”


George Fry Family Kent England

Here is what I just popped into the mail to my Nana on her family, the Fry Family of Kent, England. Albert Alexander and Eliza Ann Fry were Nana’s Maternal Grandparents. I also have a scanned image of the original of Nana’s parent’s marriage record if any of you would like this, just let me know. I will not post it to protect Nana’s privacy.

The photographs came through my Aunt Jackie, so thanks to her for those.

The Census of England information came from scanned images of the censuses on


George Fry Family

ROAD       Manor Lane

NAME        Relation   Status  AGE     Occupation            Where Born

George Fry    Head   Marr.    42   Nurseryman & Florist   Kent Capel

Elizabeth        Wife      “         42             Wife               Sussex Battle

Robert G. D.     Son    Unm.    11            Scholar           Kent Lee

Walter S.         Son       “          9              Scholar           Kent Lee

Vass N. Fry       Son                4                Scholar          Kent Lee

Albert A.           Son             3 months                            Kent Lee


George Fry Family

ROAD    7 Manor Lane

NAME        Relation   Status  AGE     Occupation            Where Born

George Fry   Head   Marr.   52   Nurseryman & Florist  Kent Capel

Elizabeth        Wife              52                                     Sussex Battle

Robert Geo. D.   Son            21     Grocers Assistant     Kent Lee

Walter S.            Son            19      Builders Apprentice    Kent Lee

Arthur W.           Son            16     Nurseryman’s Son      Kent Lee

Vass Neville     Son             14            “     “      “           Kent Lee

Albert Alexander  Son         10         Scholar                  Kent Lee


George Fry Family

ROAD    Hither Green   Cemetery Lodge

NAME        Relation   Status  AGE     Occupation            Where Born

 George Fry  Head   Mar      62    Superintendent of            Kent Capel


Elizabeth      Wife              62                                  Sussex Battle

Vass N.          Son              24              Butcher             Kent Lee

Albert A.        Son              20      Assistant Superintendent  Kent Lee


George Fry Family

ROAD      Cemetery Lodge   Hither Green

NAME        Relation   Status  AGE     Occupation            Where Born

George Fry  Head  Widower  72   Superintendent       Kent Capel

                                                                           Lee Cemetery

Albert A. Fry     Son      M           30     Lee Assistant      Kent Lee

Eliza A.         Daughter-in-law      23                    Norfolk Thornham

Edith D.          Grandaughter         3                       Kent Lewisham

Robert S.        Grandson                1                      Norfolk Thornham