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Harold & Alice Ellison Family Photos (1943-1976)

27 Oct
Father's Day 1943 Richard, Harold, James Ellison Robert holding service star. At 917 Maxwell Avenue, RO, Michigan

Father’s Day 1943 Richard, Harold, James Ellison
Robert holding service star. At 917 Maxwell Avenue, RO, Michigan

Alice & Harold Ellison Christmas 1967

Alice & Harold Ellison
Christmas 1967


Alice & Harold Ellison with son Jim, circa 1967


Houghton, Michigan June 1976 Arby, Bob, Hal, Bill. Jim

Houghton, Michigan
June 1976
Arby, Bob, Hal, Bill. Jim

Bob Ellison, Bill Metcalfe, Jim Ellison Upper Peninsula "Big Mac" in background June 1976

Bob Ellison, Bill Metcalfe, Jim Ellison
Upper Peninsula
“Big Mac” in background
June 1976


James A. Ellison Childhood Photos

16 Apr

James A. Ellison of Royal Oak, Michigan. Son of Harold and Alice (Baines) Ellison.

The pages are from James’s Baby Book. The torn photo says 12 months old on the back.

JamesAEllisonBabyPics1 JamesAEllisonBabyPics2 JimEllison12monthsold

The following two photos are of James and his sister Alice with their parents Harold and Alice.

Harold,AlicewAlice&JimEllison Harold,AlicewAlice&JimEllison1920

Jim & Ethel Ellison Photos

17 Sep

James A Ellison with parents, Harold & Alice circa 1944:

Jim & Ethel Ellison with Harold & Alice Ellison, July 1971:


Back of photo reads in Ethel’s Hand: “Shrine Choir Jim & Ethel Ellison pregnant with Judy Spring 1942”:

Harold & Alice Ellison Family Photos cont.

6 Sep

Harold Jr & James Ellison Royal Oak Tribune Carriers:


Alice Ellison:

Christmas 1926

917 Maxwell Avenue, Royal Oak, Michigan when first built:

917 Maxwell Avenue

James, Harold, Alice Ellison:


Harold, Alice, James Ellison:

Circa 1926

Alice, James, Harold, Richard, Dorothy, Robert with father Harold Ellison Sr:

(Back reads ” 13 11 9 5 3 Baby Bob”)


Harold Ellison Sr, Unknown, James A Ellison US Army, Robert Ellison:

Circa 1944





Harold & Alice Ellison Family Photos

6 Sep

60 th Wedding Anniversary for Harold & Alice Ellison in 1977:


James A. Ellison biking over to his parents’ house Harold & Alice:

May 1978

“Who is the winner?” Harold & Jim Ellison:


Harold D. Ellison with children- Harold, Richard, James:


Ellison Children: Richard, James, Alice, Harold:

Easter 1928

James A. Ellison:


“Doing Stunts- Dad & Jim” ~ Harold and James Ellison:

“Tough looking bunch here snapped from porch”:

May 1936

WWII Draft Registrations for Ellison’s

7 Jun

Glyndon Walker Ellison and Russell Henry Ellison sons of Samuel Delmont Ellison of Boyne Falls, Michigan. Samuel Delmont was Benjamin Walker Ellison’s eldest son.


Harold Delmont Ellison and Arthur Raymond Ellison, sons of William Arthur Ellison, the second son of Benjamin Walker Ellison.

Harold & Alice Ellison Family Photos

4 Jun

Arbutus & Robert Ellison’s Wedding. Jim Ellison is Best Man:

Ellison Family Party at Gordy’s Cottage in 1948:


Alice & Harold Ellison’s 40th Wedding Anniversary 29 May 1957.

Back L-R: Alice, Jim, Bob, Hal, Dick, Dorothy

Front L-R: Harold, Peggy, Alice

Christmas Party at 917 Maxwell. With back of photo in Alice’s hand:

1964 Family Reunion:

1985 Family Reunion:

Bob, Arby, Becky, Hal, Barbara, Dick, Jim, Ethel, Dorothy, Bill, Alice, Gordon

James A. Ellison Family Photos

1 Jun

Jim and Bob Ellison at Yellowstone Park, on trip with sister Alice:

Bob and Jim Ellison

Jim Ellison diving at Yellowstone Park:

Jim Ellison

Private James A. Ellison:

World War II

Exalted Ruler of Royal Oak Elks Lodge No. 1523, April 1966:

James A. Ellison, Exalted Ruler

Elks Officers’ Ball. Left to Right: Arbutus & Bob Ellison, Ethel & Jim Ellison, Dorothy & Bill Metcalfe, Alice & Harold Ellison (front), Peggy & Chris Cowdin (back)

Ellison Family

March 1976. Harold, Jim & Jim Ellison:

Three Generations of Ellison’s


Lake Park, Florida, Feb. 1977. Patricia, Dorothy, Jim, Ethel & Amy:

Ellison Family


Toronto, Canada 1979. Bob, Dorothy, Arbutus, Ethel & Jim:

Ellison Family




Baines Family Photos 1917-1918

6 Mar

On the back of photograph: Fairmont, WV Xmas 1917

Baines Family 1917

Left to Right Back Row: James Baines, Elizabeth Ellen Baines, Harold Ellison, Alice Ellison  Front Row: Nellie Baines, wife of Thomas Baines (James Baines brother) with three of their children

On Back of Photograph: Carmicheals, PA 1918

Baines Family 1918

Left to Right: Nellie Baines with Marie and Bill Baines, Elizabeth E Baines with her dog, James Baines


Ellison Family Photos

22 Nov

Alice Baines & Harold Ellison, Hattie Forkel & Russell Ellison

Back of Group Shot

Harold & Alice Ellison in 1919 in new Saxon car

Nana Baines (Elizabeth) with Alice & Jim Ellison & Bob McClear behind 825 Maxwell

James & Elizabeth Baines, Harold D Ellison and children: Harold, James, Alice 1922

Ellison Children at 917 Maxwell: Dorothy, Alice, Neighbor, Hal, Jim circa 1928

Gordon Schulte lettering HD and James A Ellison Commercial Vehicle. Margaret Ellison in cab.

Richard, James, Harold D., Harold and Robert Ellison 1941