G.A.R. Post # 246 Boyne Falls, Michigan

Membership Roster for the John Robinson Post #246

Grand Army of the Republic

Below is information from the Membership Roster for the Union Veterans in Boyne Falls Village belonging to GAR Post #246. It is not a complete listing of all members.

Alphabetical Listing of Charter Members

Dated 25 MAR 1884:

Austin, W J

Branch, Harrison

Dickenson, Monroe

Dutche, CW

Ellison, Benjamin W

Findley, Robert

Harris, WG

Howard, Albert

Hulbert, Thomas J

Leclar, George R

LeClar, Thomas

Magee, Cromwell

Magee, Marshall

Mauri, VR

Mears, William

Roberts, Marden

Robinson, Enoch K

Weedmer, Benedict

Wright, Hiram


The Officers as of 16 APR 1884, alphabetically with position following:

Auston, William G.  SVC (Senior Vice Commander)

Branch, Harrison  CHAP (Chaplain)

Dickenson, Monroe  OD (Officer of the Day)

Findley, Robert  OG (Officer of the Guard)

Harris, William G.  JVC (Junior Vice Commander)

Leddick, George C.  SM (Sergeant Major)

Magee, Marshall  QMS (Quarter Master Sergeant)

Meard, William COMM (Commander)

Myers, Frank  QM (Quartermaster)

Robinson, Enoch K.  ADJ (Adjutant)

Van Buren, George  G (Guard)


This post was organized in 1884 and disbanded in 1900. The post claimed 29 members. 9 are buried in Boyne Falls Cemetery, Section 10 of Boyne Valley (If you are looking on a plat map). One is buried in Downey Cemetery, Section 31 of Chandler Township. One is buried in Maple Lawn Cemetery, in Boyne City, Section 2 of Wilson Township.


Members connected to me:

Ellison, Benjamin W.   Pvt.   Company C  16th Michigan Infantry   Boyne Falls Cemetery

Robinson, Enoch K.     Pvt.   Company F   35th Massachusetts Infantry   Boyne Falls Cemetery

Van Buren, George      Pvt.    Company G  10th Michigan Calvary    Maple Lawn Cemetery


Benjamin Walker Ellison’s next door neighbors:

Magee, Marshall           Cpl.   Company G     10th New York Infantry     Boyne Falls Cemetery

Wright, Hiram               Pvt.   Company I      148th New York Infantry    Boyne Falls Cemetery


Source: Flint Public Library owns a copy of the following:

Membership Roster for the John Robinson Post #246

Grand Army of the Republic


Charlevoix County Genealogical Society, reprinted 1995

(copied from original records on file in The Bureau of Records, Lansing, MI)

This can be purchased directly from the Charlevoix County Genealogical Society for $2.50.

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Corporal George W Van Buren 10th Michigan Calvary, Company G


Corporal George Washington Van Buren fought from 27 AUG 1864 to 16 JUN 1865 for the Union in the 10th Michigan Calvary, Company G. He was the father of Anna E. Van Buren who married William Arthur Ellison in 1889.
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Tenth Michigan Cavalry (Guidon) Civil War Battle Flag
The Tenth Michigan Cavalry organized at Grand Rapids between September 18 and November 23, 1863.
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