William Ralston, Ensign in American Revolution

A special friend sent me copies of the cards on file at the DAR for my ancestor William Ralston, American Revolution veteran. This special friend closely matches our male Ralston DNA and I am certain we are related somehow. Our male DNA both comes from Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. My Ralston DNA has Cherokee Indian markers attached to it at the seventh generation.

William Ralston born before 1755 in Pennsylvania married Martha.  William lived in the following PA counties in chronological order: Chester County, Bedford County and Westmoreland County.

One of his sons was John Ralston, born 1776 in Greensburg, Westmoreland County, PA married Elizabeth Sharp. John died in 1850 in Butler County, PA.

One of John’s sons was John Ralston Jr who married Nancy McLane in about 1834 in Butler County, PA. DNA results on Nancy show that she was Scottish on her mother’s side. Family lore and a photograph of her show she was American Indian.

One of Nancy and John’s sons was Millen Ralston, my great-great grandfather and father to William Alfred Ralston.